Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet

Is the 2013 Google Nexus 7 FHD the best small tablet ever made?

The all new 7″ tablet from Google - Now thinner, lighter, and faster – Nexus 7 brings you the perfect mix of power and portability and features the world’s sharpest 7″ tablet screen.

Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet

The original Nexus 7 was not a particularly attractive device. The tablet had plastic edges, and the back cover had a strange rubber feel with small dimples. The grip was good, but the look was not. Additionally, the tablet had huge bezels, which unfortunately have not changed.

Moving to the new FHD model, Google has certainly made the tablet more attractive and sleek. The device is fully black now, the edges are more defined, and the back cover is more sleek, yet somehow soft to the touch. The tablet does not feel as cheap as its predecessor did. It is not on the level of the iPad Mini, but it is getting closer.

Google slimmed down the device to 8.65mm, and it weighs 0.64 pounds, which a bit lighter, as well. The device can be used with one hand, and holding for an extended period does not hurt your hands. The tablet has a microUSB port for charging and syncing, the volume rocker and power buttons are on the right side (a personal pet peeve of mine but probably not an issue for most), there are dual cameras (the front side camera is strangely not centered) and multiple speakers.




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